Welcome to Compañía Molinera del Sur S.A., the leading company in durum wheat semolina milling and export of South America.
Our company implements a vertical integration in every stage of the semolina production: genetic development, grain sowing, storage and wheat milling.

The reasons for our success are based on:


The adoption of the genetic method of the grain, the collection (through the use of a combination of varieties that do not require) or the minimum of the need for the application of agrochemicals) systems that prevent the application of insecticides for conservation, in accordance with European standards ), transport (using the most advanced technology that minimizes both fuel consumption and the energy needed for unloading and optimizes quantities such as transport by adopting the latest supplemental axle regulations) to the process of grinding and loading water, which is equipped with the most advanced technology that allows to minimize energy consumption, optimize the performance and quality of products, minimize all kinds of waste the scarce that are generated). Complementing all this, our Environmental Management System is certified under ISO 14001.


Few mills in the world can ensure their processed grain traceability. But we can guarantee the grain origin, treatment and milling. We apply good agricultural practices during the cultivation, and good manufacturing practices together with hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) during the processes of obtaining and milling durum wheat semolina. Our Quality Assurance System is certified under the ISO 22000 / FSSC 22000 standards.

Careful genetic selection

Of the grain we work with: Due to our vast experience in the field, the selection of the seeds we sow allows us to ensure the best protein and gluten quantity, gluten quality, colour and health.

Field cultivation

Appropriate selection of the fields in which the grain is sown, keeping in mind previous crops; the application of agricultural practices allowing a sustainable soil development; and the best globally available technology.


We are located in Bahía Blanca, epicentre of the production area of the best wheat qualities of Argentina.

Know – how

The history of our mill dates back to 1897, providing us with vast and unique experience in this field.


We apply the latest available technology not only to the crop, but also to the grain’s storage, transportation, conditioning, milling and quality assurance.