Cía. Molinera del Sur is equipped with the latest available technology for the cultivation of the grain, its storage, transportation, cleaning, milling, loading and quality control.

The cultivation is performed by direct seeding, with GPS guided tractors, self-propelled sprayers, fertilizer machines and harvesters, which, along with seed drills with the largest available working width and precision, allow the achievement of a competitive and sustainable grain (with the least CO2 emission per ton).

For the storage we are equipped with plants with aeration and controlled temperature, allowing the storage of cold grains, without any occurrence of insects and without applying pesticides.

The transportation to the mill is performed by self-unloading and self-cleaning hoppers, allowing a fast unloading and minimizing labour force and energy for aspiration.

Our company has the most advanced technology for wheat cleaning, including grain color sorting machines (Sortex).

The mill has the latest generation machinery which includes equipment for grain decortication (decorticator).

Regarding the loading, we are equipped with all the technology for the assurance of quality (turbo sieves, sterilizers, magnets, metal detectors, double weighing method).

Finally, for quality control (every loading is dispatched with a quality analysis protocol) we have a certified Laboratory with the highest level equipment (NIR Equipment, Glutomatic, Minolta, thermobalance, muffle, etc.).